Login-box is a WordPress plugin that inserts in all your pages a login form, making faster the authentication process. As the Login-box is hidden, it doesn't draws attention of your readers to this part of the blog that doesn't interest them, but, for you (and the others editors of your blog), becomes quite practical to be opened with a simple combination of keys. The Login-box presents a visual identical to the default login page of WordPress, but it can be easily modified with themes.

The Login-box interface


  1. Extract the downloaded file and move the login-box folder to the plug-ins directory of WordPress (normally localized at <wordpress_direcorty>/wp-content/plugins/).
  2. In the WordPress admin, access “Plug-ins” area and activate the Login-box plug-in.


  1. Open login-box.php in a text editor or in embbed WordPress Plug-in editor, and find this lines:
    1. @define("LB_THEME", "wpclassic");

    In this line, put the name of the Login-box theme that you like to use. You can download new themes on web or make your theme based in the default “wpclassic”.

    1. @define("LB_KEY", "e");

    Choose the key (case insensitive) that will be open/close Login-box with Ctrl or Alt. Note that some keys executes especial functions in your browser (and in browser of your readers!). and them will be cancelled by Login-box. (Ex: Ctrl + A selects all). I recommend that you leave the default value “e”.

    1. @define("LB_CTRL", true);

    Also, you can define false here and deactivate the Ctrl use of Login-box. So, you can put “a” in LB_KEY, and open Login-box with Alt + A. Ctrl + A will be selects all normally.

    1. @define("LB_BACKTOPAGE", true);

    Here, choose on you will be redirected when success login. If true, you will be back to the actual page; if false, you will be redirected to the WordPress Dashboard.

  2. If you try edit another line, and don’t know what you’re doing, your HD will explode!


  1. Deactivate the plug-in in WordPress (optional).
  2. Remove the login-box folder (optional).


  • 2.0.3
    • Add Russian translation (translation by Fat Cower)
  • 2.0.2
    • Fixed a bug that show an error in the dashboard when used the file login-box-config.php (reported by Érico Oliveira).
    • Add the “wp25” theme, that now is the standard of Login-box.
    • Add a fadein/fadeout option.
    • Add a “close” button (suggestion by Rodrigo Ghedin).
    • Add a WordPress widget with Login-box.
  • 1.0
    • Well, we have just a 1.0 version for now…